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”I’m not really sure why Suit of Lights decided to call the album Bacteria unless it’s because the songs are infectious, sticking in your mind and eventually crippling your immune system to the point where all you want to do is listen to this album.” - Jason Hoffman, Whatzup Magazine

“Unbelievably grand follow-up to their ’05 debut that showcases their
uncanny ability to craft memorable classics with emotional songwriting” -

“Highly arresting and hypnotic... this album delivers one tasty melodic track after another” - Jersey Beat

"Stunningly emotive, powerful, melody-fueled indie rock" - Innocent Words

“Compelling and effective... Bacteria has such broad appeal that it could well propel Suit of Lights into the mainstream”
- Sea of Tranquillity


released September 9, 2009


Joe Darone - Lead and backing vocals, keys
Arun Venkatesh - Guitar, keys and backing vocals
Trevor Dunn - Electric and upright bass
James Kluz - Drums and percussion
Dino Covelli - Keys
Jamie Egan - Trumpet, trombone, sax and flute

John Underwood - Lead Guitar on tracks 3,7,& 8

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Arun Venkatesh

Recorded and Mixed at Big Blue Meenie, Jersey City, NJ
Mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters, Memphis TN

All songs written by Joe Darone
© 2009 Joe Darone, P 2009 Visiting Hours Music / BMI

Visiting Hours. vh-0309


all rights reserved



Suit of Lights New York, New York

Described as “genre-defying,” Suit of Lights artfully blends elements of art-rock, 60’s pop, punk, metal, and baroque pop.

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Track Name: Judgement Day
I think of all the pain left in the world
And evil deeds done in the name of good
Got no redemption
Consumption/destruction wheel
It helps if you don’t think or feel

There just won’t be another chance
And the days go unaware to whether
You count ‘em up, or count ‘em down
Or disregard ‘em

No, there is no orchestra
But if you wanted to hear a trumpet
Then one will play on Judgement Day

Where do you start when it gets so immense?
I want to feel bliss from something other than ignorance
All part of the problem, part of the disease
All guilty by small degrees
Track Name: Colors of Hell
And what’s inside, it’ll unfold
Awake from your dream
You will get up and walk
Come out from the cloth and the pigment
And be what you are

Down comes the rain, now we all look the same
Colors wash down the drain to the gutter
Down comes the rain, to wash out all the pain
From a world plagued with badges and borders

The rise and collapse of the old wave
Goodbye to the colors of hell

The world we grieve, it never was pure or perfect
But I still believe there’s more to us than we detect
Existing in the present moment
Is it all we have?
Track Name: All in Good Time
Aloha, dinosaur
Bathe in tar
One ends and one begins
It’s even
The sea will claim it all again

All in good time
All in good time

And so far, so bizarre
Somehow there must be more
Au revoir, shooting star
Live like you’re dying ‘cause you are

All in good time
All in good time

We all act out the same play
The truth is shorter than fiction
There ain’t nothing left to say
All aspiration undone
Track Name: Modern Miracle
Blue light shine in every home
to educate and entertain us.
Wealthy, fat and comfortable.
Distract, delude and insulate us.
Dot on the screen.
So ill, at ease.

Step right up, it has begun.
Witness a modern miracle!
Don’t get up, you’ll miss the fun.
Don’t touch that dial!

A different kind of cannibal is emerging here in the west.
Empty heart and empty skull.
We’re amusing ourselves to death.
Got us on our knees, yet we will break free.

Step right up, it has begun.
Witness a modern miracle!
Have you underneath our thumb.
Don’t touch that dial ‘till we’re finished programming.
Track Name: Dark Matter Halo
As your hair’s falling off you,
happy birthday from your friend, time.
Feel the flies crawling on you.
They just can’t wait for you to die.
And the question that you’re going to ask is:
“did it amount to anything?”
Dark Matter Halo -
I rule the spaces in between.

Are you maintaining control?
Are you wearing thin?
Get too close to a black hole, and you will get sucked in.

And the question that you’re going to ask is:
“do you believe what isn’t seen?”
Dark Matter Halo - I rule the spaces in between.
Track Name: Halfway Houses of the Holy
The winds of changes are a-blowin’.
A painful groan.
A sick cologne.
A single tone between the right and wrong.

The preying hands of molestation will pray for your salvation.
Your house falls apart.
Broke foundation.

Welcome to your purgatory.
And you constructed it yourself.
You’re living in the halfway houses of the holy.
Sucking all of the glory, but all the shame you will dispel
onto the flock of the adoring.

And so many will die unknowing.
The world that turned, the house they burned, they shake the urn
that holds the dead horse ash.
Whisper “lead not into temptation” to faithful congregation.
You’re doing your part for creation.

Can’t find your way back to the shores of Acheron.
Service for pay, another whore of Babylon.
Welcome to your purgatory!
And you constructed it yourself.
You’re living in the halfway houses of the holy.

Semper memento mori
‘cause there ain’t room enough in hell,
and heaven is another story.
Track Name: Evolve Head-on
I want to understand
I reach for a broader land
The long journey of man must travel forward

We’ll go on my command
You’ll feel your mind expand
Evolve beyond hatred, revenge or power

I hope the entire human race could be rendered intelligent
We haven’t much time to crack the old design
The barrier between flesh and spirit

Evolve head-on

The time is close at hand
We’ll reach the promised land
The tapestry of man, unravel forward

To be celebrated or be carbon dated
We’re making a new bed, arrange the flowers

I hope the entire human race can be rendered intelligent
We haven’t much time to subvert the paradigm
A new wolf emerging from wilderness
Track Name: Lady Named Bright
The trembling way is where it begins
The bridge between the earth and heavens
I wish upon a star
No matter where you are, I’ll go

Moments ago I saw you slumber
I could’ve sworn that you looked younger
The time is coming soon
The clock of the full moon is striking hour

There was a lady named Bright
Who traveled far faster than light
Swept out the door
Returned the night before

Your eyes say that the time is ending
Without a word, a light ascending
Beauty is beyond words
The bridge of three colors takes you away
Track Name: Unfaithful Arms
Faith, hope and larceny
Bend down on one knee
Not your wife, she’s compensation for an empty life

Helpless seduction
Sanction of the victim
Wear a mask for long enough, forget who is underneath

Carpet of gold or carpet bombs
Embrace the most unfaithful arms
All we need is a plausible face saying: “yours is no disgrace.”

Is it a Faustian bargain - growing your profit margin -
As cubicles make daily graves of thousands?

Small pranks for big banks
Strange bedfellows always give thanks
When think tanks think, think tanks think: “tanks”

With her greasy palms and factory farms
Embrace the most unfaithful arms.
Even as blood runs down on that face
We long for her embrace
Track Name: Puppet Show
Get your dominoes, put the dominoes in a row
Multi-national, corpo-rational, let ‘em go
Watch them fall
So expendable

Ducks are in a row
Ducks are in a row ‘round the globe
You’re the CEO, fat Pinocchio, let ‘em go
Watch them fall
It’s just a puppet show

‘Cause now the curtain’s closing and the lights are off
(Just a puppet show)
Time to put you back into your wooden box
(Jim Crow, John Doe, Joe Blow)
The unrestrained pursuit of self-interest-ing
(all you knead is dough)
The bulging eyes of puppets strangled by their strings
(Just a puppet show).
Track Name: American Music
Do you like to dance?
Do you wear designer pants?
The girls were drop dead gorgeous in Japan
When American music was dropped on them

I told you it’s the bomb
You’ll twist and shout like Vietnam
Please tell me now that you believe in God
I’m a single with a bullet burning up the charts
And Kennedy felt just how intense it can get
When American music goes through your head